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ZXJK Series Flotation Machine

ZXJK Series Flotation Machine

ZXJK series flotation machine flotation process is usually a continuous process by a few tanks, dozens of tank flotation machine connection, including roughing, scavenging, concentration operations. The use of flotation machine should meet the following requirements about equipment and processes, varies parts are complete and intact. Machines function normally and achieve the required aeration rate. Motor drives impeller rotating through belt and pulley. On the one hand, the machine inhaled enough air mixed with slurry, on the other hand, stirring the mixture of pulp and pharmaceutical. At the same time, refinement of the bubble, the particles adhere to the bubbles on the role of reagents and float to the slurry surface. So it the formation of mineralized froth layer and scraped by the scraper.

Technical data

Specifications and models ZXJK-0.13 (1A) ZXJK-0.23 (2A) ZXJK-0.35 (4A) ZXJK-0.62 (5A) ZXJK-1.1 (5A) ZXJK-2.8 (6A)
Impeller Diameter (mm) 200 250 300 350 500 600
Impeller speed (R / min) 600 500 470 400 330 280
Capacity (m3/min) 0.05~0.16 0.12~0.28 0.178~0.4 0.3~0.9 0.6~1.6 1.5~3.5
Impeller motor Model ZY90L-4 ZY100L-4 ZY90L-4 ZY1342S-6 ZY132M-6 ZY160L-6
Power  kw 1.5 3 1.5 3 5.5 11
Scraper motor Model ZY80L-4 ZY80L-4 ZY80L-4 ZY90L-6 ZY90S-4 ZY90S-4
Power  kw 0.55 0.55 0.55 1.1 1.1 1.1
Slot size (long×width×high)  mm 500×500×550 600×600 ×650 700×700 ×700 900×900 ×850 1100×1100 ×1000 1750×1600 ×1100


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