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Spiral Chute

Spiral Chute

Glass Steel engraved chute has basically same beneficiation principle and Product Structure with Ordinary chute, the difference is the former spiral blade face has notch groove (Can play a buffering role in the beneficiation process); the latter spiral blade face is flat. Through Production practice proves that the notch groove chute has following three advantages than ordinary chute: 1. to optimize the recovery of minerals 2. Improve the economic efficiency of the processing plant 3. Concentration ratio get the further optimize.
FRP spiral chute is consist of ore feeding uniform splitter, feed chute, spiral groove, Product interception groove, product gathering bucket and groove bracket (include cross or tripod) six parts. manly used for grading the a sufficient proportion of the mixture of iron , tungsten , tin , tantalum , niobium , gold , coal , diamond , monazite , etc, which the Granularity is between 0.3-0.02 mm.

Technical data

Technical data and Model Z5LL-900 Z5LL-1200 Z5LL-1500
Outside diameter (mm) 900 1200 1500
Thread pitch  (mm) 540,405 720,540 540,720
Maximum installed Helical head 4-2 4-2 4-2
Feeding mine granularity 0.3-0.03 0.3-0.03 0.3-0.02
Feeding concentration 25-55 25-55 25-55
Capacity  (t/h) 2-3 4-6 8-6
External dimension  (L*W*H) 1060×1060×4000 1360×1360×5230 1560×1560×5230
Weight (KG) 400 600 800


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