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Hammer crusher need to use different lubricants in winter and summer

Time: 2016-09-12

mportant mining machinery and equipment hammer crusher is used in a variety of ore processed material crushing, hammer crusher can be broken into chunks of various minerals in the construction industry, industry and other industries need granularity rock hammer crusher is a very important equipment. Hammer crusher mining machinery as a large hammer crusher for maintenance is very important, hammer crusher maintenance work is inseparable from the role of oil, you know, hammer crusher lubricating oil is a great choice learning.

Shanghai Joyal is a professional mining machinery crusher manufacturers here and we talk about lubricants hammer crusher choices need to pay attention, especially in summer and winter under high temperature and Diqi temperature lubricant selection What are the characteristics required.

In winter the temperature is relatively low, lubricants hammer crusher should use a low number lubricating oil, oil relatively thin, lubricating oil flow better, do not worry about the problem of lubricating oil freeze.

Summer generally under relatively high temperatures, you need to select lubricating oil lubricating oil relatively thick point, the temperature is relatively high oil becomes relatively thick dilute the lubricant to ensure liquidity.

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