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Cement ball mill use and special features of ball

Time: 2016-06-13

Cement mill cement production plant designed to cement clinker grinding equipment, cement mill is mainly used in building materials, cement production, metallurgy and ceramics, electricity and petrochemical industry grinding a variety of cement clinker and other materials. I can be the production of user needs, fineness requirements in line with actual needs of users design and manufacture of special cement mill.

In the actual production, due to frequent problems of raw materials and production processes will encounter sticky grinding phenomenon, especially the sticky ball mill phenomenon is particularly serious because the cement mill production process is to rely on the ball of the material output to the role of the original ore grinding operations. In this process, the ball constantly in contact with the material, so stick to grind now appeared. Sticky grinding mill will affect the normal production, and we have to do is greatly reduce wear phenomenon stick

The ball mill using steel balls, the following points should be noted:

1. Cement with a slight corrosion, affect the service life of the ball, increases production costs.

2. grinding steel balls of different materials have different wear trace elements will be destroyed, it will result in poor wear Ball, Ball waste.

3. sticky situation grinding frequently, increasing the grinding time to stop, yield, time-consuming cleaning mill, increased security risks.

Ball mill for cement industry, hire experienced professionals to improve grinding steel balls, through unremitting efforts, finally found a reasonable process and materials.

Special cement grinding steel balls has the following characteristics:

1. Corrosion-resistant, not broken, to a great extent to ensure that the integrated ball life.

2. The production of raw materials by the Laiwu Iron and Steel Group, added material-specific elements to ensure wear resistance, high cost.

3. The trace elements produced by the Organization of the ball by heat treatment after the internal microstructure changes, known as special tempered martensite, similar type to fill the gap layer appears in the overall structure of quenched steel ball, a great extent to ensure that the surface is not sticky mud easily by water, cleaning more convenient effort to reduce the stop grinding time, saving manpower and resources.

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