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Structure and ball mill grinding methods

Time: 2016-06-20

Beneficiation ball mill is used to the grinding equipment, grinding effect, whether it is for metallic minerals or non-metallic minerals can be grinding, grinding effect its direct impact on the situation of mineral sorting later, this and the structure of science and grinding methods are inseparable. The following describes the structure and ball mill grinding methods.

Mill structural
Although the mill according to the mode of production, and other specifications of different discharge can be divided into many types, but these types of ball mill structure substantially the same, mainly consists of the following components:

1. feed means – including under the hopper, screw into the cylinder, cone or feed;

2. The support device – points at both ends of the main bearing, hybrid bearing (main bearing and sliding shoe), both ends of the sliding shoe, etc;

3. Turn section – comprises a hollow shaft, mill shell and grinding compartment within the board, liner, gauge rings and other components.

4. Drive – minute drive edge and center drive in two forms, including the main motor, auxiliary motor, reducer, drive shaft and the edge of the size of gear, both ends of the mill with the main bearing, this mill is transmission edge, the edge of the discharge ball mill.

5. discharging device – the edge of the discharge points, discharge and intermediate discharge center.

Generally speaking, the ball mill is simple and reasonable structure, when the cylinder is rotated under the action of centrifugal force and friction, the media is driven lifting cylinder liner. When elevated to a certain height, due to the force of gravity by the media itself, create a free fall or dropping diarrhea, and thus the cylinder body materials for impact, grinding and milling. When the material to meet the requirements, the other end of the hollow journal begins barrel discharge port.

Ball mill grinding methods
Wet grinding mill can also be used for dry grinding. When wet grinding, the material with the water flow, under wet milling process has many advantages such as high productivity, usually 30% higher than dry grinding, over crushed product was less so in our country almost each concentrator are used wet milling. When dry grinding, the material is to rely on natural ventilation or exhaust discharge mode, mostly for some mineral water, avoid, or occasion or arid areas due to climatic conditions should not be washed with water, the use of dry grinding operations more appropriate.

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