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How to Solve the Problem of Material Waste in Ball Mill

Time: 2016-11-21

Ball mill excessive waste will not only waste a lot of material, and human, as well as production time, power consumption and so are a great waste, shanghai joyal prompts the majority of users in the operation of ball mill equipment, we must master every detail, to avoid excessive crushing Phenomenon, reduce the waste of resources.

Ball mill is a very common mineral processing equipment, mine production is an indispensable equipment, ball mill is the energy consumption of all equipment and materials waste the most serious equipment. Ball mill is the main material grinding, until the qualified particle size, but in the ball mill operation, due to various reasons, there will be excessive grinding caused by the phenomenon of unqualified particle size, how to avoid this situation? How to avoid excessive mill Crushing to reduce waste in the production it? The following please shanghai joyal for us to do specific introduction.

1. Regular view, according to the status of the material after grinding to determine whether to increase the number of balls.

2. Feeding size to control the ball mill equipment in a reasonable range.

3. Before loading the ball, determine the appropriate diameter of the ball, do a good job of steel ball ratio.

4. Manipulating the movement state of the grinding medium, it is necessary to throw the state-based.

5. Timely eliminate the grinding of the material at the same time, in time to add new coarse material, so that the accumulation of coarse material has been maintained at a high level.

After the introduction of the above that you will know how to avoid the phenomenon of excessive crushing mill to reduce waste in production, hoping to give you help. After the above method can greatly reduce the ball mill in the production of waste.

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