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The Grinding Meaning of Ball Mill

Time: 2016-11-28

Ball mill is an indispensable mineral processing equipment in mining equipment, widely used in power generation, mineral processing, chemical and building materials industries, is a common grinding equipment. Ball mill applications such a wide range, there must be reason, the following brief analysis of the JOYAL machinery ball mill grinding significance.

Ball mill is the material is crushed, and then crushed the key equipment, industrial production is the most widely used one of the high-fine grinding machinery, to crush all kinds of hardness of the material, in the concentrator is widely used to fine grinding various Ore; used in the power plant to prepare coal; crushed in the cement plant raw materials, clinker and other mixed materials need to be crushed in the ball mill. In a nutshell, the grinding of the ball mill is of great significance.

First, increase the material exposed area

After grinding the material through the ball mill to ensure that the raw material in the kiln get a full chemical reaction, so that the full completion of combustion, cement fully hydrated, resulting in higher strength. To achieve the above results, the fineness of cement raw material should be controlled at 0.08 mm, square hole sieve screening should be less than 10%, cement should be controlled below 8%, coal should be controlled below 14%.

Second, so that all kinds of materials mixed evenly

Cement raw materials in the limestone, clay and iron powder, cement slag, gypsum and clinker, etc., after grinding through the ball mill can not only be crushed, but also to make it evenly mixed to ensure the quality of cement.

JOYAL Ball Mill is widely used in the production of cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, ferrous nonferrous metal dressing and glass ceramics, etc., for all kinds of ores and other models. Dry or wet grinding , Is the vast number of users the best choice for grinding equipment, welcomed the intention to consult the purchase.

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