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What are the classification of ball mill?

Time: 2016-12-05

Ball mill is not a single device, in fact, it also includes many categories, such as ceramic ball mill, lattice-type ball mill, rod mill, short mill, long mill, etc., in this paper, the joyal machinery will ball mill specific classification A detailed introduction to increase the ball mill for everyone to further understand.

First, according to the length of classification

1, short mill

When the aspect ratio is below 2, it is a short mill, or a ball mill. The general single-warehouse, for coarse grinding or a grinding, 2-3 sets of ball mill can also be used in series.

2, in the long mill

When the aspect ratio is about 3, it is a medium-length mill.

3, the long mill

L / D ratio of 4 or more for the long mill or tube mill. In the long mill and long mill, its internal generally divided into 2-4 positions in the cement plant with more.

Second, according to discharge classification

1, tail inclined ball mill

The material to be milled by the end of the mill feed, discharged from the other end, known as the end of unloading ball mill

2, the unloading ball mill

Materials to be milled by the mill at both ends of the feed, by the middle of the mill cylinder oblique, known as the unloading ball mill. This kind of mill is equivalent to two ball mill parallel use, so the equipment is compact, streamline the process.

3, the end of unloading ball mill

According to its nesting way grid discharge, overflow nesting, the surrounding nesting and wind discharge and other types.

Third, according to the grinding medium shape classification

1. Ball mill

Grinding medium into the grinding medium is mainly steel ball or steel section, the most common use of this mill.

2, rod mill

Grinding into a diameter of 50-100mm steel rod as a grinding medium. The ratio of rod length to diameter is generally 1.5-2

3, the baseball mill

This mill usually has 2 — 4 positions, in the first warehouse into a cylindrical steel bar as grinding media, the later positions are loaded into the steel ball or steel section.

The length to diameter ratio of the ball mill should be about 5, the ratio of rod length to the effective diameter of the mill should be between 1.2-1.5, the bar length should be about 100mm shorter than the bar to facilitate the parallel arrangement of the bars, Chaos stick.

4, gravel ball mill

Grinding into the grinding medium for the gravel, pebbles, ceramic balls and so on. With granite, porcelain material to do liner. Used for white or colored cement and ceramic production.

Fourth, according to transmission classification

1, the center transmission ball mill

The motor drives the grinding machine through the reducer to drive the hollow end of the mill discharge end. The reducer shaft and the center line of the mill in a straight line.

2, edge drive ball mill

The motor drives the large-sized gear wheel fixed on the discharge-end cylinder through the reducer to drive the mill barrel to rotate.

Five other categories

According to the process operation can be divided into dry ball mill, wet ball mill, intermittent ball mill and continuous ball mill. Continuous ball mill compared with the intermittent ball mill, the former high yield, the unit weight of the product of low power consumption, high degree of mechanization and the operator less. But the infrastructure investment costs, operation and maintenance more complex. Now intermittent ball mill rarely used, commonly used for laboratory testing mill.

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