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Introduction of kiln lining in rotary kiln

Time: 2016-11-01

Cement is the construction industry can not be an important one of the raw materials, we know that the production process of cement, rotary kiln this key mining machinery and equipment, rotary kiln is mainly used for calcining cement machinery. Here shanghai joyal mining machinery talk about the rotary kiln is a key component, is the rotary kiln kiln lining.

We all know that the rotary kiln is used to calcine the cement the main mechanical equipment, rotary kiln temperature is very high, in order to protect the rotary kiln from high temperature damage to the use of the lining of the protective effect. Here shanghai joyal and we talk about the rotary kiln kiln lining in the end can play a key role.

The cylinder of the rotary kiln is made of steel plate. When the cement clinker is fired, the temperature inside the kiln is very high. If the cylinder of the rotary kiln is not protected, the cylinder will burn out soon. So must be installed in the cylinder refractory material to protect the cylinder, the refractory material is called the kiln lining.

As the temperature inside the rotary kiln is much higher than the temperature outside the cylinder, it is necessary to heat the kiln lining in order to prevent the temperature of the rotary kiln from being dissipated and reduce the heat dissipation.

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