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Precautions when using ball mill

Time: 2016-11-07

Ball mill is a kind of mineral processing equipment, mineral processing equipment is also very important grinding equipment, its presence and use of the entire dressing production line is very important. However, the visit in the process of shanghai joyal found that many users for the use of ball mill is not very understanding, resulting in a lot of unnecessary mechanical failure.

In the use of ball mill, what are the needs of our attention to what place?

1, the size of the output

Ball mill in the grinding of different objects, we can according to the nature of the object to choose the size of its output. When the ball mill in the best state of operation, it is best not to change the output. If the output is too small, it will cause the ball mill overload, resulting in ball mill current increases, reducing the milling effect, and even endanger the use of the device. If the power is too small, it will increase the grinding power consumption, and difficult to meet the design requirements; Safety.

2, fill the ball volume

Ball mill in the course of running, due to wear and tear, ball weight and diameter are constantly reduced, so we need to regularly fill the new ball. As for the determination of the amount of ball, we need to wear rate and the amount of coal to determine the ball.

3, the nozzle size

Nozzle size adjustment will affect the concentration, flow through the ball mill water, the system cycle magnification and so on. Therefore, in order to keep the ball mill in the best running condition, the nozzle size is usually not adjusted.

4, the limestone particle size

If the limestone particles is too large, it will put an additional burden on the ball mill, and individual large limestone particles are not easily broken by steel ball, which not only reduces the output of the ball mill, but also increase the power consumption of the ball mill. Therefore, in the design of its time, to ensure that the limestone into the ball mill size is below the maximum size of the design.

The above points are needed in the use of ball mill in the process of attention, shanghai joyal hope that each ball mill users can understand clearly, so that better equipment for your service.

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