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Several Feeding Modes of Ball Mill

Time: 2017-01-16

Ball mill as an essential grinding equipment in the production line, for the dressing line is very important. But do you know the ball mill is also divided into several different feeding methods? Different feeding methods will produce the ball mill production which have different effects? Here joayl machine for everyone to explain in detail.

Material into the mill after the ball mill falls on the outermost layer will make the material grinding more fully, but this is likely to cause feed plug, easy to return material and so on. Here to analyze the ball mill several feeding methods have what advantages and disadvantages?

First, the screw feed

Material from the hopper slipped into the spoon wheel, the rotary spoon wheel up to ascend, and then by the leaf directly on the hollow shaft in the screw within the set, the internal spiral blade material into the ball mill. It is noteworthy that, in the hollow shaft and the spiral set aside a certain gap between the formation of air insulation layer, so as not to heat the material and the main bearing too.

Second, slip tube feeding

The material through the slide tube into the ball in the hollow neck of the tapered sleeve, along the tube wall slide into the ball mill, slip tube section is oval. The inclination of the slip tube should be greater than the angle of repose of the material, thus ensuring the smooth flow of material. Slip pipe feeding structure is relatively simple, but the amount of feed less, more suitable for large hollow shaft length of the case is shorter.

Third, the spoon wheel feed

Material into the hopper through the funnel wheel, the spoon wheel wheel material will be lifted to the center and then discharged into the mill. In order to avoid leakage of material from the gap between the feed hopper and the spoon wheel, it is required that the difference between the radius of the spoon wheel and the radius of the spoon should be greater than the stacking height of the material and seal the annular gap.
The above is the Red Star machine on several different feed ball mill and the impact of the detailed analysis, hoping to provide users with assistance in the choice of ball mill, is willing to every user can choose the most suitable for production needs Ball mill.

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