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Spiral sand washing machine abnormal warming phenomenon

Time: 2016-09-26

Spiral sand washing machine is off the mud and gravel production line for sand and gravel, screening operations can be widely used in construction sites, sand and gravel production lines, spiral sand washing machine can be difficult to remove the sand in the soil, dust and other impurities clean sand and gravel production line is not missing an important presence. Spiral sand washing machine of simple structure, easy maintenance, easy operation is important ore cleaning equipment. Shanghai joyal mining machinery here to remind the user attention spiral sand washing machine abnormal warming phenomenon.

Spiral sand washing machine in the job, because of the phenomenon of a large amount of friction heat, which if not timely dissemination but accumulated in the device, spiral sand washing machine will cause serious consequences. Not only affect the spiral sand washing machine’s normal operating conditions can lead to serious damage to the machine, such as spiral sand washing machine equipment of some parts will be due to the high temperature of distortion phenomenon occurs, not the normal cleaning gravel material .

In the spiral sand washing machine operation requires the user to observe the region sand washer machine easy to produce high temperature, if found spiral sand washing machine temperature is too high should immediately stop work, after checking the parts before normal again put into use.

Spiral sand washing confidential attention to doing the daily clean-up work at the junction before using spiral sand washing machine to check whether there is loosening device after use to check whether there is residual material sand washing machine, be careful not to cause the machine load operation.

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