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Titanium milling process Introduction

Time: 2016-08-01

Titanium dioxide pigments are inert, is a very good performance as a white pigment, titanium dioxide is often used in the rubber industry as a coloring agent, titanium dioxide is added in rubber products, in strong direct sunlight and will not crack under the color , it is a very valuable mining resources. Titanium dioxide was used directly in the production of our lives must be processed, which can not do without this step mill, then processed into finished products of titanium dioxide is how it?

Titanium milling process is inseparable from the Shanghai Joyal mill mining machinery, mining machinery on Haizhuo Ya is a professional milling machine manufacturer, milling machine on the common market, such as mining machinery ball mill, Raymond powder, ultra-fine milling machines and other mining machinery are on Haizhuo Ya-selling product, where the main mining machinery and Shanghai Joyal you a brief introduction of titanium milling process.

Titanium grinding equipment is usually divided into two types, one is a dry pre-grinding apparatus comprising Raymond mill, a ball mill, high pressure mill; the other pre-grinding equipment are wet ball mill, vibration grinding. Nowadays, with the titanium dioxide market heating up, titanium dioxide prices high profits, driven by competitive pressures and profit effect of value-added, a ball mill and other mill processing equipment manufacturers of titanium dioxide will be greater attention, its sales prospects are optimism.

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