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What factors influence the Raymond mill powder size

Time: 2016-08-08

Raymond mill is a key tool for regrinding the material can be used for all kinds of ore, coal manufacturing, can be used for marble, limestone, dolomite and other mineral resources. For many related industries, the size of the provisions of milling material is very strict, requiring Raymond mill can be well controlled milling particle size material. So Raymond mill for milling grain size and the factors related to it? Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here simply for everyone Analysis relevant factors Raymond Mill milling granularity, we are hoping to give you effective help.

Raymond Mill milling grain size of the material and many factors are closely related, such as would be the hardness of the material, the material impact of the size of the original size and other factors, the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery simply here on mine Mongolia mill itself in terms of factors,which will affect the Raymond mill milling granularity.

(1) Raymond mill host speed

When Raymond mill in the milling operation, the host’s speed is too high or too low, it will make the meal or powder delivered to the premature powder outlet, which is affecting the fine mill Raymond mill degree.

(2) Raymond mill fan speed

Raymond mill fan speed needs to be controlled in a certain range, the wind too large, the Raymond mill grinding material can not reach full effect, it was blowing in the wind turbine powder collector.

(3) Raymond mill grinding roller mill wear ring

Wear more serious Raymond mill grinding roller grinding ring not work as Raymond mill grinding roller grinding ring important role, resulting in the material can not be normal as usual to play a role, which led Raymond Mill Mill the material can not meet the standards.

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