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How to choose ore milling equipment?

Time: 2019-01-08

There are many types of ore mills, such as ultra-fine mills, Raymond mills, vertical mills, and micro-grind mills. There are also many classifications for different ore mills. Some ore mills have a large output, and some ore mills have a relatively small output. Shanghai  Joyal Mining Machinery reminds users that they need to choose their own ore according to their actual conditions in the process of selecting ore mill. grinder.

Some customers have asked us about the type of mill that should be selected for the small stone powder factory. Joyal here and I will talk about how the ore grinding mill manufacturer should choose what kind of ore grinding processing equipment. Our company’s technical staff and sales staff choose 3R3715 Raymond mill according to customer’s needs. This type of mill can be adjusted on both fine powder and coarse powder, which is very suitable for customers’ needs.

The ore and other materials processed by the 3R2715 mill are in the range of 0.044mm-0.165mm (that is, 100 mesh-325 mesh), and the power of the mill main machine is 22 kW/hr. When the finished product formed by the original pellets has a particle size of 0.165 mm (100 mesh), the yield of 3R2715 can reach about 301 tons per hour. When the finished product has a particle size of 0.075 mm (200 mesh), the output reaches about 2.2 tons per hour; when the product size is 0.045 mm (325 mesh), the yield is about 1.5 tons per hour.

There are 3 grinding rollers in the 3R2715 mill. The diameter of the grinding roller is 270mm, the height of the grinding roller is 150mm, the inner diameter of the grinding ring is 830mm, the height of the grinding ring and the grinding roller are both 150mm, and the maximum feeding granularity is 20mm. Compared with other ore mill equipment, this mill has a moderate size and output, which is very suitable for small ore milling production.

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