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How to maintain and maintain Shanghai Joyal ball mill daily

Time: 2021-06-10

The daily cleaning of the ball mill is mainly to prevent the ball mill body from corroding, rusting, even clogging, abrasion and other problems caused by impurities, which will affect the daily production of the ball mill. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the “daily hygiene” of the ball mill equipment at all times to ensure that there is no dust accumulation in the operation room or the machine room, and the parts, materials, tools, etc. are stored neatly.
Before starting the ball mill every time, it is necessary to inject a proper amount of grease into the motor bearings, pinion bearings, etc., and to ensure that the oil injection area is sealed and clean. When refueling or changing oil in winter, the oil should be heated to about 25°C in advance. In addition, the parking time is longer in winter. You can turn the three-way cock at the water inlet of the main bearing to the waterproof position, and use siphon effect or compressed air to drain the water from the spherical tile through the water channel to avoid freezing and cracking the spherical tile or bearing. seat.
When working, the roller of the ball mill will move regularly around the horizontal axis and generate high centrifugal force. After the mineral material enters the ball mill and reaches the specified height through the conveyor belt, it will fall freely in a parabolic arc trajectory. During the falling process, the mineral material will violently collide with the grinding body inside the drum wall due to the action of the medium, and at the same time, the grinding body Including pressure, rolling milling and other related actions to complete the grinding operation.
In addition, during the commissioning process, it is necessary to ensure that the bearing temperature is below 50°C, and a small amount of material can be added appropriately to observe the grinding effect. If there is no abnormality, the amount of material added can be gradually increased. If the various components are still operating normally and the motor current value is relatively stable, the commissioning can be completed.

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