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How to maintain the mill to extend the service life

Time: 2021-11-12

I don’t know the reason for the failure of the pulverizer. Firstly, it wastes time, and secondly, it affects the output. How to solve the various failures? This is a big problem for many customers. Due to improper use of customers or lack of maintenance knowledge, many failures of the mill will occur. Here are some common failures and solutions as follows:
The feeder should be uniform, and the feeding amount should not be large and small, so as to prevent the instability of the powder size of the mill and affect its production capacity. If these details are not done well, it is easy to adversely affect the performance of the mill.

If the pulverizer is not used for a long time, the first thing to pay attention to is the storage of the equipment. This can be stored according to the weather. For example, it needs to be protected from moisture in rainy days, and ventilation is required in hot weather.
After the position of each air door in the system is determined, the rotation speed of the rotary vane analyzer should be adjusted according to the requirements of the powder particle size. In order to ensure the stability of the powder particle size and ensure the working efficiency of the mill, it is necessary to keep the main engine Enough raw materials.
In addition, when the pulverizer is stored, the operator must carefully check whether the various parts are in good condition, and need to be turned on and run every once in a while, so as to maintain the flexibility of the components. Before starting the next time, you must check all parts of the equipment first, and normal production operations can only be carried out when everything is normal.

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