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Shanghai Joyal superfine grinding is the best choice for barite grinding

Time: 2021-03-18

Barite plays an important role in industry because of its high density, insoluble in water, non-toxic and stable chemical properties. There are many places to store barite in China, with an annual output of about 300 billion tons. If you want to produce good barite powder, it is very important to choose a better pulverizer, so what kind of pulverizer is the best What about grinding barite?

Before choosing a grinding machine, you should first understand where you mainly grind barite powder, and the particle size of barite powder required in different places is also different. For example, barite used for drilling mud generally has a fineness of more than 325 mesh. If the fineness of barite is not enough, it is easy to precipitate.

Barite powder usually requires a fineness of 325-1800 mesh. In view of this fineness range, a number of new types of grinding machines, such as Medium Speed Trapezoidal mill and ultra-fine powder mill, are suitable for grinding barite in Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., especially the ultra-fine Micro Mill of Shanghai Joyal, which can transport barite ore from less than 25 cm to the production line The quality of the powder can meet the requirement of 325-2500 mesh.

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