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Shanghai Joyal tells you how to increase the output of raw meal vertical mill

Time: 2022-02-25

If the crusher is used to reduce the particle size of limestone, it will not only increase the power consumption, but also increase the wear amount of the crusher, shorten the service life of the hammer head, and increase the cost. According to the characteristics of mine self-sufficiency and the use of tailings in aggregate production lines, our company has formulated a reasonable material matching ratio, further reducing the particle size of the materials to be milled, stabilizing the material layer, and increasing the grindability of the materials. The particle size distribution of the material is shown in Table 1.
Strengthen the air leakage control of the system, and use the maintenance and control of the air leakage points such as the three-way valve, expansion joint, and slag discharge port of the vertical mill during the maintenance period to reduce the air leakage of the system.
The tensioning pressure of the vertical mill is increased from 11MPa to 12MPa, which increases the grinding capacity.
Adjustment of the retaining ring, according to the conclusion that the thickness of the material layer is 110mm thick, the height of the retaining ring is reduced from the original 80mm to 60mm.
In operation, according to the characteristics of material fineness, increase the water spray in the mill to stabilize the material layer. The rotation speed of the circulating fan is increased from 960r/min to 980r/min to increase the air volume in the mill.
(6) Modify the nozzle ring to increase the wind speed in the mill. According to the analysis, the direct cause of the large amount of slag discharge and the high amount of fine materials in the vertical mill is caused by the low wind speed in the mill.

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